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Can I do my own plumbing?

Trying to unblock your basin is one thing, working on you plumbing or gas pipelines is a big NO NO. You need to carry a plumbing licence to carry out any plumbing or gas work. This is due to the damage water can cause to a house when something burst, or leaks for a long period of time. If you are not a licensed plumber, then you are also not insured to carry out the tasks. There’s the possibility of cross-contamination, harming your neighbourhood with bacteria you let into the council's main water line. Insurance companies carry out their own investigations and would they insure your home when it’s damaged from you cutting corners trying to save a buck? Now you have to pay for a plumber to fix the extra problems you caused, you wasted your time, and money and have damaged someone else’s property.

Call Koalafied Plumbing to avoid all these costly situations.


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