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Drain Cleaning

Are you experiencing a stubborn drain blockage and wondering how to resolve it? Don't worry, we've got you covered! At Koalafied Plumbing, we take pride in our expertise in clearing drains effectively and ensuring the long-term health of your home's stormwater and sewer pipelines. We believe in using chemical solutions only as a last resort, preferring more environmentally friendly methods.

Unlike drain cleaning chemicals that often don't cut the mustard, our team relies on specialised equipment to identify and retrieve the source of the blockage.

We utilise high-pressure jet cutting equipment to remove tree roots or foreign objects causing the obstruction. Additionally, our drain snakes are perfect for grabbing hold of those pesky clogs and safely removing them. To accurately determine the cause and location of the blockage, we employ an internal drain camera (CCTV) inspection. Rest assured, our aim is not to temporarily clear the blockage but to completely eliminate it and restore proper functionality to your drains.

When it comes to mapping drains and other services, we go the extra mile. For strata or upon request, we can map and document the exact locations of your pipes on an aerial map. This valuable information helps in planning future maintenance and ensuring efficient upkeep of your drainage system.

To all you home chef's, it's important to note that pouring cooking oils down the drain can have detrimental effects. Oils and fats tend to solidify and adhere to the inner lining of your pipes, gradually building up over time. Think of your pipes as arteries, and this build-up can eventually lead to a complete shutdown of your sewer system with "fat burgs". To prevent this, it's best to let the oil solidify in the pan, wipe it with a paper towel, and dispose of it in the bin.

Regular drain cleaning is crucial for the optimal functioning of your pipeline. Foreign objects, particularly tree roots, are common culprits when it comes to drain blockages. By maintaining your piping system, you can prevent costly replacements and emergency repairs in the future.

When was the last time a reliable plumber inspected your drains at home or in your workplace? Give us a call at Koalafied Plumbing today, and we'll be more than happy to assist you with any drain-related concerns.

In summary, we understand the frustration of dealing with blocked drains, and we strive to provide friendly and effective solutions. Our team is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and we prioritise sustainable methods to clear blockages and maintain the health of your drainage system. Remember, proper care and regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs down the line. Reach out to us today and let us help you keep your drains flowing smoothly!

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