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IN Need of a reliable and honest plumber?
Welcome to our page, feel free to call us for any plumbing, drainage or gas needs. 
we are here to help!

Here are some of the services we specialise in below:

Blocked Drains

We don’t just clear a blocked drain without physically seeing what the problem was. Each drain will be inspected with our fibre-optic technology to make sure we completely clear the obstruction and set a maintenance plan in place to prolong any further major blockage down the track. We use our hydro-jet together with our live CCTV to blast those nasties away, leaving the pipe not only clear but clean. If the pipe is blocked due to a collapsed or broken pipe, we will review onsite and talk you through your best options to get the drain repaired and running like new.

Burst Pipes

You never know when a looming old pipe will burst. Luckily, we strive to come and sort out your needs. We carry a variety of tools and equipment to fix pipes of a whole range of materials. Once identified our team will carry out the repair it in a professional manner.

Locating burst pipes – Our team can run a series of tests to identify which pipe has the issue. Leaks can be costly. If you have a spike in recent water or gas bills, please call us to come and do a static water/gas test on your services.

Hot & Cold Water Installations

 Hot and cold water installation and servicing: Whether a new cold water or hot water service required, our team has the knowledge to run the pipes in the most cost effective and energy saving way. It’s crucial these services are installed right the first time, to prolong the life of your home’s tapware and appliances.

Stormwater Tank Installations 

Us Australian’s know how important it is to save water. We have fantastic solutions to catch that glorious rainwater around your home. Adding a rain water tank can reduce your water bills excessively and to top it off, save our number one precious resource…. water.

Pipe Re-lining

Yes! There is a time and place to re-line a pipe, but depending on the depth and technicality, it can work out much more affordable to dig up the damaged services and replace them. If a re-line must be done, we can organise to get the work carried out smoothly and efficiently.

LPG & Natural Gas Fitting

Natural Gas & LPG fitting and repairs: We are fully licensed LPG and natural gas plumbers. If any services need to be installed, removed or deleted, or team will do it in a safe manner. Looking to change from an electric hot water system to gas? Call us to sort it out, potentially your saving precious space down the side of the house and money as a consumer.

Drainage & Excavations

All forms of drainage and excavation services. Whether it is sewer or stormwater that needs to be fixed or possibly installed, our professional team will tackle the issues and have your property storm ready. Let’s collect or re-direct all that run off stormwater before it damages your valuable goods.

Pipe locating

When it comes to finding buried old stormwater or sewer pipes that haven’t been seen for years, you can call on us to map out where these services run. We have state of the art locating equipment and will give you a plan with services marked on them for future reference.

Call Nathan today: 0434 614 760

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