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How much does a plumber cost?

This is a red hot question.

Firstly, make sure you obtain three quotes for bigger projects. Each of these larger projects will be quoted and you will receive very different prices across the three quotes you obtained. No two plumbing companies are the same and will have their very own charge rates. Keep your eyes out for scams in the mailbox with deals too good to be true. Also plumbers shouldn’t be offering holidays if you agree to their quote today (this is actually a thing getting around haha). Stick to a solid business that has your best interests in mind and carry out an extremely high level of workmanship.

For each project, what is being installed? What work is involved? There are so many different types of plumbing materials. Are they installing the best products with the best tools on the market? Or are they throwing in materials purchased from overseas? Have your piece of mind knowing your most valuable asset is as solid as it can be and its defence is ready for the next big storm. After a site visit, we will give you a price per job and explain why you require what we will install and why we are doing it. We NEVER pressure you to sign on the spot, which speaks volumes these days.

Every job comes through me, (Nathan). I answer the phone, I greet you on-site, I oversee and carry out the work on each project supporting my team. It’s my knowledge and professionalism that separates us from competing companies. The business is my baby built on hard work, sweat and yes, tears. We are stoked to be your go-to plumber from this project on.

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09 de mai.

Great newsletter Nath, very informative, and professional just like your business. I have no qualms in recommending you to anyone who needs any sort of plumbing issues resolved. Keep up the good work.

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