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How can I reduce my energy bills?

This is possibly one of the easiest ways to cut down your energy usage. How many times have you turned on your “hot” tap to wash your hands and have finished washing your hands, turning off the tap before the hot water has even arrived?

Yes, we should all be washing our hands with warm water and soap to help combat the bad bacteria on our hands but who really does it every time? Honestly?

What happens the moment you open your hot water tap? Cold water is pushed into the tank for heating and forces out hot water.

Two common water heating systems in NSW are:

Electric/gas storage hot water:

The optimal temperature inside the tank drops causing the tank fire up again. Either the electric element or the gas will engage to reach the optimal heating temperature again.

Instantaneous gas heater: Yes, they are called instantaneous, but they should really be called heat on demand. The thing that is instantaneous is as soon as you turn on the hot tap, gas enters the heater, and it instantly fires up and burns at a high rate. The hot water then has to flow through the cold pipes to the required shower, sink, basin etc.

In these instances you are using electricity, gas and water for something that you turned off before the hot water even reached your hands.

Gets you thinking hey??


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